Assist Pricing

Free CoreCore product ProUnlock premium features EnterpriseFor custom enterprise digital transformation
PHP 5,800 / month PHP 50,000 / month Contact us
Number of customers (chatting with the bot) Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of chatbots 1 active bot 1 active bot Up to 5 active bots Unlimited
Number of messages 10,000 bot messages 30,000 bot messages 300,000 bot messages Contact us
Additional messages PHP 1,500 every
10K messages
PHP 1,500 every
10K messages
Hosting Shared Shared Shared Dedicated
Chat Platform
Facebook MessengerA messaging app and platform that is used to communicate with people and
businesses all over the world
Workplace Work ChatA messaging app and platform that is used to communicate with coworkers,
teams, and organizations
Bot Builder
Welcome screenFirst screen that users see before engaging with a chatbot
Text, quick reply, media, carousel, and persistent menu supportBasic messaging content types
and objects
URL and webview supportLink to a pop-up window that displays web pages inside a chatbot
Attachment, API, and file export supportAdvanced messaging content types and objects
Hand off to agent supportTransferring assistance from chatbots to humans for more concise
solutions to users
Agent subscription required Contact Us
Disable composerCapability to switch off the message box where users send text messages and
FAQReadily available canned responses to create automated replies for users No NLP
(verbatim, case insensitive)
(verbatim, case-insensitive)
With NLP (English) With NLP
Small talkCommon phrases used to converse with users No NLP
(verbatim, case insensitive)
(verbatim, case insensitive)
With NLP (English) With NLP
Persistent menuAlways-on single-level menu
Message broadcastMessage blasting to a group of users
Bot versioningCapability to revert to a previous version of a chatbot
Bot saveCapability to save the current state of a chatbot
Bot publishCapability to make a chatbot live to the public
Bot test simulationSample preview of a chatbot before going live
Bot Analytics
Active and unique usersNumber of users interacting with a chatbot
User and bot conversationsSample preview of a chatbot before going live
Bot test simulationNumber of conversations sent by a user and a chatbot
Agent conversationsNumber of conversations sent by an agent
Undetermined responsesNumber of responses that a chatbot did not understand
Bot success ratePercentage of successful answers by a chatbot
Top conversation flowsConversation flows with the most engagement and number of users per
Onboarding DIY DIY Live agent Live agent
Account support Web form Web form E-mail Live agent
Professional services Optional Optional

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