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Use Case: Can automation handle customer relationships?

June 22, 2022

Challenge: Machines are getting smarter as time goes by and each interaction becomes more human-like.

Companies are slowly adapting to digital solutions and in 5 years' time, according to Gartner, 89% of businesses will transition to automated processes that will be managed by bots.

This can help grow a business by over 270%!

Bots are simply software that provides real-time updates and can easily understand customer trends and preferences. These features help businesses better cater to customer demands quickly.

But the challenge is how can an automated business process strengthen the customer-brand relationship?

Solution: Automating customer service has been widely used across businesses.

From redefining the way a business engages with the audience to providing personalized advice to a customer, customer service is now dependent on automation. 

Previously, the virtual response system used to have a dead-end conversation; whereas in AI and automation, the machine learns to sound more like a real human being- whatever language or accent the audience may have. 

This creates more meaningful and relevant interactions that will keep the customers satisfied and loyal.

Presented by Narrative Science in partnership with National Business Research Institute


  • A personalized automated conversation where the audience will personally feel they are heard and taken care of by the brand 24/7.
  • Troubleshoot problems before they occur. Staying one step ahead and addressing the hiccup even before the customers realize that it exists.
  • Streamlined business processes for a better customer experience and smooth transactions on the path of purchasing.

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