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The Wonders of Conversational Commerce

February 21, 2019

The internet is the gift that keeps on giving. In this internet and social media-reliant age, anyone – almost anyone, can have access to the internet and set up their social media accounts.

Let’s get real here, Filipinos are among the biggest consumers of the internet and social media. And why is that? Well, Filipinos are known to be sociable. Whether it be in their respective families, circle of friends, or workplaces, there’s this constant need for connecting. Despite the difficulties brought by COVID-19, we managed to stay connected through social media.

And what else did we manage to keep? It’s the need to sustain one of the most effective mood boosters there is – retail therapy. And how’s that possible despite the pandemic? Among the wonders of the internet came one of its newest spawns, the emergence of conversational commerce.

What is conversational commerce

C-commerce (as it’s also known), is another form of e-commerce. Purchase of goods and other services is initiated by conversations between customers and businesses via chat. In this fast-paced environment where options are close to limitless, closing in a sale is getting more and more challenging. Enter social media and its messaging applications as the new player in the e-commerce world.

How does conversational commerce help close a sale and more

With conversations come conversions. Engaging connections with customers is key to securing sales. Establishing connections is at our very core. When we feel that we are seen and heard, we react positively. The integration of natural language AI in messaging applications on Facebook and Instagram helps enterprises automate their business, resulting in wider brand reach and an impeccable 24/7 availability to customers.

What’s more important is that conversational commerce also helps extend a personal touch to each customer. It’s now possible for brands to be with their customers throughout the purchasing journey – from product discovery to consideration to purchase, and even post-purchase. Every query is entertained and answered. Customer experience is at the forefront. If the customer journey is pleasant, then retention and brand loyalty will be easy as pie.

The possibilities are endless with conversational commerce. Let’s discover and explore more of its wonders together.

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