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Social Media E-Commerce: Everything You Need to Know

February 23, 2022

In this day and age, social media is an important tool for e-commerce. Almost all businesses have online stores, whether these are independent websites or social media profiles – from small businesses to enterprises. And by using social media e-commerce strategies, businesses especially enterprises can reach a wider audience and reach their target sales.

But what is social media e-commerce and how will enterprises benefit from it?

Social media e-commerce is using social networking sites to market an online store. Through social media, enterprises can drive more traffic to a website, create and solidify brand awareness, reach target sales faster, and communicate with customers 24/7.

What Are Its Benefits?

  • Using social media for e-commerce can help enterprises reach a wider audience. There are around 89 million social media users in the Philippines, with most of them using social networking sites daily. By using these platforms, there’s a high chance for a potential customer to discover your brand.
  • It encourages engagement and interaction. Relevant and engaging posts on pages create a sense of community and connection between brands and customers.
  • Social media e-commerce influences buying decisions. Coming up with interesting and compelling posts can entice customers into buying products and services.

How to Effectively Use Social Media for E-Commerce

  • Utilize automation tools like chatbots for efficient communication and to guide customers throughout the purchasing process.
  • Offer convenient and secure payment methods for customers.
  • Connect with influencers for a wider reach and better reputation.
  • Provide stellar customer service to increase customer satisfaction and gain loyal customers.

Best Platforms for E-Commerce


With over 76 million users in the Philippines, Facebook is one of the largest and best social media e-commerce platforms. The social networking giant also allows in-app purchases and automated messages through Facebook Messenger for a frictionless shopping experience.


Also owned by Facebook, Instagram offers a frictionless shopping experience through Instagram Shops and Instagram Checkout. Moreover, Instagram has short-form video content like Instagram Stories and Instagram Live to entertain and connect with customers.

How to Start Social Commerce

With all these benefits of using social media for e-commerce, more enterprises are leaning into starting social commerce. Since the future of e-commerce heavily relies on social media, brands start applying social commerce practices like influencer marketing and frictionless shopping.

One of the best and easiest ways to start social commerce is by using best practices like conversational commerce. Also known as c-commerce, this practice makes use of AI and chatbots which ensures 24/7 availability to customers. That way, all queries from product discovery to even post-purchase are answered swiftly and efficiently.

By keeping these tips and platforms in mind, enterprises can reach their target audience through social media e-commerce. Add in the help of platforms like Aiah Commerce, going digital is made easier.

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