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Six (6) reasons why Customer Feedback is vital to your business.

November 7, 2022

A business cannot flourish without customers, and it definitely cannot grow if the customers do not have a positive experience. Gaining customer feedback and analyzing all of them is one of the best ways to keep track of your business' progress and customers' experiences.

Here is a simple guide to why your business should significantly consider customer feedback as an essential part of the brand:

What is Customer Feedback?

First off, let's define what customer feedback is. Customer feedback is information customers give about the quality of your products, customer service, or anything about your brand. It's all about meeting customer requirements.

Customer feedback is the best data source about your brand.

How will Customer Feedback benefit my business?

1. Earn more and build loyalty with customers

It is essential to develop brand loyalty with your customers. By creating an environment that makes customers stay and acquire your brand's services, you create a steady source of cash flow.

According to a study by London-based professional service network Deloitte, customers are willing to spend up to 140% more if they have a good experience with your company. Whereas customers who have negative experiences

2. Gain more customers

Before trying out new brands, customers nowadays usually check online for reviews on whichever brand they're going to try.

While personal recommendations from friends or family are more effective than online reviews, a study from Invesp also shows that around 90% of new customers check online reviews for business websites before they visit. Among them, approximately 88% trust online reviews of the brand as if they were personally recommended.

3. Adjust to what the customers want

Brands are well aware of what they bring to customers, but what owners see is not always the same as the customers. You can implement necessary adjustments to increase customer satisfaction by analyzing customer sentiments toward your brand by getting customer feedback.

Improvements to your brand's website are one of the first adjustments typically done after analyzing feedback. Making a website better suited for customers for easier transactions and product searches improves customer satisfaction.

Now that a lot of feedback is given online, services such as Sentiment Analysis can help businesses to keep track of the enormous traffic of customer feedback.

Sentiment Analysis allows companies to track everything customers say and feel about their business. This AI-powered solution can identify varying tones in customers' comments and provide quick analyses from tons of data.

4. Customers feel involved

Customers should feel important; a great way to achieve that is by actively involving them - by asking them questions and immediately acting on whatever they request. 

5. Know how customers can find your business

Because of web analytics, marketers don't have to guess how people find their business websites and what customers do when they visit.

Customers can come from social media, personal recommendations, or Google searches. The best way to understand how customers reach your brand is by simply asking them. If you know how customers reach you, you can make necessary adjustments to make access easier to increase the flow of new customers.

6. Make better content

Content is at the center of everything. The content you release shows customers what your brand is all about and what services you offer.

Generating feedback to understand how your brand is perceived by returning or new customers is vital to developing great content for them - great, as in content that has all the necessary information and is aesthetically pleasing. Content helps you attract people to your website, convert them to customers, and even give them a positive experience.

How to Get Customer Feedback

Customer feedback can be gathered in different ways, but companies can group them into two categories - website collection and everything else.

Feedback from your website helps you engage visitors and discover problems they might face while browsing. Website surveys are the easiest method.

Social media monitoring is another simple way to gain customer feedback. Customers don't always want to talk directly to you. Sometimes, customers prefer to share their takes via social media. Monitoring this customer feedback through social media can help understand if their experience is good or bad.

Customer feedback can be gathered in different ways, but companies can group them into two categories - website collection and everything else.

Live chat is also an excellent way to collect feedback. Live chat software can help customers with their transactions while collecting website feedback.

Some customers prefer sharing their thoughts when talking face to face. Do note that feedback collected during conversations is valuable and should be actionable.

Make Customer Feedback useful.

Collecting feedback is easy; organizing and analyzing large amounts of collected data is a struggle.

Tools such as Sentiment Analysis from Aiah (Innovantage, Inc.) provide the most value when you assess results regularly, seek improvements, develop new surveys, and others.

Depending on the amount of feedback your business collects, patterns or trends can be spotted in a matter of days. Routine feedback analysis will help your brand make the most of customer feedback.

Don't be afraid to experiment with your business, as well. If your company decides to do something different based on the collected feedback, experimenting will help you improve the results and research various issues.

Finally, draw conclusions based on feedback - turn them into offers, marketing communication, or design decisions. Then repeat the process to analyze feedback to see how people assess the results of those changes.

This process will help you achieve the best results. 

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