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How to Scale Customer Conversations on IG

February 21, 2019

Late last year, Facebook released updates on its Messenger API, which now includes Instagram Messaging.

With this update, a brand can now use a single platform to respond to customer messages on multiple channels.

When a customer engages with a brand using profile, shops and stories, the brand team can easily communicate with the customer on conversational commerce platforms such as Aiah Commerce.

This provides a much more interactive and personal conversation between a brand and their end buyer.

It also provides a much more compelling guided shopping experience for customers. And even after purchase, customers can get FAQ responses quickly or can speak to a human agent when needed.

How do you start with Aiah Commerce?

Work with a Facebook Developer partner such as Aiah.

Listed as the only Filipino company in the Facebook Messenger Developer directory, Aiah Commerce can help brands scale on Instagram.

We can help determine if your brand qualifies for this API. There are certain requirements to meet before any business can start using automated messaging on IG.

Once approved, we can build an Instagram strategy together to make sure that this channel helps you hit your current business objectives.

Whether the objective is engagement or customer service, we’ll identify the right conversational approach and work with your team to plot milestones so we can measure channel performance after deployment.

Why Aiah?

Working with an enterprise-level conversational commerce Facebook partner such as Aiah is key.

This means we’ve worked with top enterprises, as well as with Facebook directly. This gives us access to insights and best practices, which we constantly share with our enterprise clients.

Our platform can also hand over more complex questions or concerns from customers to a brand team. A brand can identify the right department lead to resolving the customer concern, in real-time.

With this, no customers are left unattended to and no potential business is lost (because customers who are unable to get questions answered are most likely unable to proceed to purchase).

We also enable clients to better map out the intent of customers using our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine.

This lets a brand better understand and communicate with each of the messages they receive from potential buyers.

Talk to us to start automating your chat conversations!