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Elevate the car purchase journey: How dealerships can benefit from business messaging

November 21, 2022

Giving buyers more agency over their choices helps secure a sale because they feel it is more their choice than the seller.

The car market is very competitive, especially because customers have a lot to choose from. Choosing and buying a car is a big decision that even the slightest thing can push off potential buyers. According to a statistic by 1st Financial Training Services, 96% of dissatisfied customers do not voice their complaints, but 91% will leave and never return.

Nowadays, buyers have the internet to search for what automobile they want, even via Facebook Marketplace, or Instagram. Dealers have also upped their game and migrated their businesses online. Because of the faster pace of the online world, dealers now have to keep up with the increased number of inquiries, test drive bookings, and even purchases.

This is why business messaging will significantly benefit your dealerships.

Improve customer engagement, generate leads, and boost revenue with Aiah Chat

Improve customer engagement, generate leads, and boost revenue with Aiah Chat

Aiah Chat is a semi-bespoke lead-generation chatbot service for Messenger and Instagram. With our pre-built templates, Aiah can quickly provide your business with a chatbot to help you enhance customer experience and drive up sales.

Aiah Chat can provide your business with ready-to-use services such as booking test drives, payment (in-house or 3rd party), and even upselling or cross-selling.

Here are some key reasons why using a chatbot is the best decision for your car dealership:

Provide the best customer experience

With each interaction, bots learn new things. Aiah Chat can be modified for you to respond more precisely to customer questions and concerns and also collect valuable feedback for your business.

Bots will assist buyers with all necessary information, including variants, features, price, financing, and more. By helping customers decide based on facts, trust is built between them and your business, leading to increased customer engagement.

Customer service 24/7

Give customers the easiest way to have their questions answered. With business messaging, customers don't have to deal with problems due to human delays and limited work hours. By utilizing a chatbot, customers get immediate and precise responses to their inquiries anytime.

Manage test drives and pre-booking

Aiah Chat can help you manage pre-sales activities like updating customers on car details, financing, and scheduling test drives. Because a chatbot can work around the clock, even night owls can schedule a test drive with your dealership, which will automatically be recorded for you.

Aiah Chat can also help collect and manage information such as customers' purchases, insurance, services, and others, providing dealers with valuable insights.

Collect feedback

There is always something we can work on to provide customers with the best experience possible. A chatbot can also help collect feedback businesses can utilize to improve customer experience.

Generate more leads

Your brand will get more exposure if you provide a memorable experience for your customers. This aids in the generation of more leads, which in turn results in increased revenue and sales.

Set your business up for success and schedule a meeting with Aiah now!