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Making Your Own Legend: How to build your own business empire

February 21, 2019

The COVID -19 pandemic has changed commerce as we know it. According to a new report from IBM, “the pandemic has accelerated consumers’ shift toward e-commerce by five years.

Today, 80% of traditional retailers with brick-and-mortar stores have seen a decline in sales.

Anyone in the business world knows the next thing to do is to shift and start an online business. 

There are lots of resources available to guide you in your journey to starting an online business, but what is getting traction nowadays (well, because it works) is automation.

In the Philippines, Aiah has led the local automation market in offering process automation services to streamline business operations. 

An online business gets boosted efficiency, productivity, and of course, profitability all by doing less work. 

With Aiah, your business can put those repetitive duties on autopilot so you can focus on bigger things. Read on to know how you can apply automation to your own business- be it small or big.

Ways to Leverage Your Online Business Through AUTOMATION

Decide Which Task to Automate

Certain tasks from order processing to internal communications can all be streamlined for a smoother and faster transaction; however, just because a process can be automated doesn’t mean you have to. 

Automating processes vary depending on the industry and business dynamics.; hence, what works for a clothing retailer will not necessarily work for a service provider.

Also, it is recommended to automate routine and time-consuming tasks, but not those that require creative thinking and human input. 

Digital solutions will not only help you in transitioning to automation but in pinpointing which business process needs automation more than anything else. If you decide on investing in automation, you better do it right with the right platform at hand.

Set and Track Targets

Define your goals and set targets so you’ll be sure that your new and redefined process is contributing to whatever it is you wish to achieve. There really is no sense in automation if efficiency or productivity is not improved. 

With Aiah Commerce, you will be provided with real-time analytics and performance measurement to drive business impact for a stronger retail strategy.

Also, along with proper tracking of results, you can improve your current automation process to make it even more efficient. So, you set specific targets, measure them, and reoptimize your processes to produce the best results.

Always Think to Automate!

When you get the hang of automation and have seen its benefits, you’ll have it in your second nature to try to automate new processes and improve old ones. This is not only about incorporating technology but cultivating a culture of efficiency and productivity for everyone in your workforce. 

Aiah Commerce can help automate an entire business process using a user-friendly interface. There are even pre-built bots ready for your use. Now, automation just gets easier!

Build Your Bot Today

Is the idea of automation overwhelming you? Don’t worry! It’s only the notion of trying out something new. 

The main goal of automation is to make things simpler and clearer so we can focus on more valuable tasks. 

Talk to us to start automating your chat conversations!