KIRA CoVid-19 chatbot for DOH

K.I.R.A COVID-19 Chatbot

Tech as a force for good. Knowledge Inspires Responsible Action (KIRA) is a chatbot that we’ve developed in partnership with Facebook, Viber, Ai4Gov, Senti.AI and the Philippines' Department of health to disseminate important, official information about the COVID-19 pandemic currently affecting the people of our world. We developed, operated and supported this chatbot for free and have since donated it to the Philippine Government.

Philippine General Hospital - Food4Frontliners

Our medical frontliners are heroes who regularly risk their personal and financial health to help us who have been affected by COVID-19 and other ailments. In order for Aiah to be able give back to them and show them how much we value their service and sacrifice, we embarked on our Food4Frontliners program where we donated food to the Philippine General Hospital.

Aiah Meals fo PGH Frontliners
Aiah Jeepney Driver Support with medidyip

Assistance for jeepney drivers who lost their jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic was not only a public health emergency but the resulting lockdowns caused massive livelihood losses. One of the most affected were the drivers and operators of jeepneys, the most recognized public transportation option in the Philippines. In order to help the drivers during this trying time, we partnered with MediDyip to distribute aid in the form of food, clothing, and livelihood assistance.

Aiah Outreach Programs

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we organized regular outreach programs to different social assistance organizations. While the pandemic affected our ability to do face to face programs, we have plans to resume face to face outreach when the situation improves.

Aiah Outreach for orphans
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