How to become an Aiah Partner? / About the Aiah Partnership Program

Updated on
March 25, 2022

What is the program about?

Aiah’s Partnership Program details the opportunities to work harmoniously in reaching business objectives, and adding value to client partners.

One of the key outcomes of the partnership is to reward/compensate our partners for increased levels of involvement as we understand that your level of commitment will be commensurate with the size of the opportunity.

Our job is to align that level of commitment with a commensurate level of compensation and support.

Why Partner?

We support your brands by:

1. Lower acquisition cost, More sales volume.- Meet customers exactly where they are — on social media messaging platforms. Enable faster checkouts because buyers can complete a purchase in a few clicks.

2. Engage with communities faster & better- Engage with thousands of customers at once. Speak to customers intelligently at scale with Aiah Commerce.

3. Build a bot in minutes- Our chatbots are low code and easy to build which is essential for brand campaigns and launches. Easily launch bots for your brand partners or for your own clients.

How to Partner? / How to Apply for a Partnership?

Send an application here:

Who are eligible to be a partner of Aiah?

Let's talk at @AiahAutomation