We all wish that our lives would be better this 2021. That somehow, we can all finally groove back into our familiar routine that came before the pandemic with much more grit and determination to bounce back. 

We want to be able to go to work, interact with colleagues and friends and run our businesses the way we used to. However, most Filipinos are still stuck at home – to work and find ways to replenish their necessities, and even rely on getting most of it from the online e-commerce sellers and fast delivery riders. It has been a part of our daily lives to anticipate the next Lalamove or Grab delivery coming to our doorsteps for buying our bread, groceries, or work from home gadgets.

This has become part of the new normal, the new way of living. Instead of people physically going back to buying from the stores or malls, or market – we rely on the single most accessible and convenient platform – online e-commerce sellers. This is a big opportunity for online sellers to take advantage of. There are more reasons for you to find ways on how to reach your customers online, connect with them and make them loyal to the products and services that you provide. 

Even the big players like PepsiCo launched their e-commerce business within 30 days. They reached out to their online customers with their re-branded niche shops like https://www.pantryshop.com/ and https://www.snacks.com/ . Even local big malls have taken on the bandwagon and integrated their mall shop experience into their online e-commerce platform. They recognize the immense potential to build their business online.

E-commerce has been a lot easier to start and run. Internet connection in the Philippines became much more stable, and e-commerce technologies further developed to deliver a more seamless customer experience especially on the mobile platform. The tools and platform are waiting for you to be one of the next biggest e-commerce biggest players. According to a report by KPMG, Technology has already transformed online business transactions into an infinite marketplace where conducting business has become more convenient and efficient for both vendors and vendees. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this marketplace a more obvious necessity”. 

There is massive growth in internet shoppers which changed the landscape of retail and other business industries, this pandemic, and even will continue till the future. “The behavior of the market has drastically changed; people have also realized that convenience is a big thing,” he said. The limited movement imposed by the quarantine restrictions during this pandemic paved the way for the upsurge of e-commerce growth last year.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to step up the game for your online business this 2021? Click “Yes, I want” and sign up now.

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