Spotlight On: Digital Assistants

With the E-commerce giants rising here and there and SMEs sprouting from different platforms, consumers have quickly adapted to the culture of online shopping.

Consumers today expect immediate results and a seemingly, 5-star customer experience.

They spend a lot of time online and use their mobile phones to search the internet for the latest news and products.

64% of the internet users do online purchasing after doing brand or product research. This behavior has brought customer experience to an entirely new level. Brands are now seeking ways  to boost customer engagement and brand affinity.

One of the most relevant methods brands have used is free delivery or shipping.

But, what do customers really need?

A one-stop shop with faster transactions and reliable customer service anytime and anywhere. This transformation has put conversational commerce in the spotlight.


Stage 1: 24/7 Digital Assistant

Personalization of customer conversations will help predict and know the preferences of the prospective buyers.  With this kind of strategy, customer experience can be improved significantly. Customer interaction is not only personalized but relevant to what they need. It is also made more convenient for customers to communicate and transact with, at all times.

Stage 2: Human Interaction

Engaging and retaining customers will give the digital assistant more in-depth knowledge on the interests of the customers and their purchase drivers. Bots can also recognize purchase intent and preference based on ad campaign metadata to build up the conversation and customer relationship.  This of course, needs to abide with privacy policy standards. Customers need to be well aware and should give consent before any preference data is shared.

Stage 3: Voice Assistant

This allows the brand to be within reach when customers need their products or services. Customers can interact with, and purchase through voice assistants in real-time. A growing number of mobile phones have equipped voice assistants that help brands be there for customers when they need it. The voice assistant's fast response has brought convenience in doing day-to-day activities like searching for information, playing music, searching for a brand, setting a timer or reminder etc.

Stage 4: Chatbot Experience

Creating convenient and meaningful conversations with customers will boost the customer experience and leave positive remarks through the chatbots. Flexibility, security, and faster transactions will always win the hearts of the customers. As for the employees, workload that is repetitive and time-consuming will be avoided to shift attention to value-added skills and career growth.

Ultimately, you can take our word for it. Or you can try Conversational Automation for yourself.  We recently launched Aiah Commerce, which runs primarily on this type of solution. You can easily automate your company's operations and services to jumpstart your business.

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