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Add AI capabilities to your applications without building your own
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AI Marketplace is cost effective
Pay per Use
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AI Marketplace is an instant usage
Instant Usage
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Easy to Use
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Our Context

77% of businesses nowadays need solutions using Artificial Intelligence, but building AI capabilities is expensive, time-consuming and complex.
Developing In-House AI services cost a lot of money
AI app development starts at $150K with 2-3x additional costs for maintenance per year.
Developing In-House AI services takes too long
End-to-end AI app development takes an average of 8 months or longer.
Building AI capabilities is complex.
85% of AI and machine learning projects fail to deliver and never make it to production.
Limited capacity in developing In-House AI services
Low Utilization
In-house service utilization only revolves around 10-30% Server Capacity.
So... Why not just use AI services that are already built and pay for what you use?

Our Solution

We are continuously developing AI services and onboarding AI services

Up-to-date AI Services

Adopt a wide set of solutions for your business as we continuously onboard AI services from partners.

Exploring AI services made simple

Try out the AI services inside our Playground, and utilize them for your needs.

Explore APIs inside our Playground
We offer practical AI services

Services that supercharge your applications

Implement AI services made practical for your own use cases to achieve a positive business impact.


All services are pay-per-use with varying prices depending on the service. Check them out to view the pricing.

Want to monetize your AI Services?

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Monetize your AI Services, expose your solutions to a wide audience, and get feedback and recommendations.

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