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Instant Apps automate key business processes, are ready to use out-of-the-box, and can be managed by non-technical users.

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Reach more customers, improve supplier relationships, speed up processes, save costs and understand more about your business in less than a day

Automated Conversations

Transform your social media presence into sales and satisfaction

Automate chat conversations and have your brand engage and sell in the world’s largest social media platforms.

Grow sales using Aiah Chat
The AI marketplace where the best and most trusted AI Companies onboard their AI services for the public to consume.

AI Marketplace

The first AI-focused API marketplace in Southeast Asia

Add AI capabilities to your applications without building your own by choosing a service from our trusted partners.

Aiah built the Globe at Home ChatbotAiah built the GCash chatbotAiah is a Facebook partnerAiah automated MedAsia processesAiah is a partner of AsticomAiah is a Microsoft startup memberAiah is a Google startup partner

Automation allows companies to focus on what matters

Paper airplane symbolizing growth via automation
  • Automation allows companies to adapt quickly
    Adapt Quickly
  • Eliminate human errors using automation
    Eliminate human errors
  • Automation enables companies to scale rapidly
    Scale rapidly
  • Automation allows companies to run 24/7
    Always On
  • Automation reduces costs
    Reduce cost
  • Automation increases employee collaboration
    Increase employee collaboration
  • Automation enables more value adding work
    Do value-adding work
Humans and Bots together drive success